Preparatory Survey on Promotion of TOD (Transit Oriented Development) for Urban Railway


The Japan InternVegetable Vendorational Cooperation Agency (JICA) conducted the “Preparatory Survey on Promotion of TOD (Transit Oriented Development) for Urban Railway” in the Philippines in cooperation with the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and Philippine National Railways (PNR). The purpose of the project is to promote the modal shift to public transportation and integrated development along railway by maximizing the effect of the NSCR (North-South Commuter Rail) Project. One of the objectives of the commercial survey was to know the profile and current conditions of tenants in Tutuban Mall and a basic data on customer in different shopping areas in Metro Manila. The obtained information will be used as references to the TOD concept plan for NCSCR.HH Interview
A portion of the JICA fund was applied to carry out the following surveys and the associated preparatory work and data entry:
The Household Interview Survey at Tutuban and Caloocan areas to obtain current living condition and
its assessment, perception of NSCR (North-South Commuter Rail) and impact of TOD surrounding the Tutuban and Caloocan NSCR station.
Vendor2The Street Vendors’ Interview Survey at Tutuban andCaloocan areas to obtain the profiles and  opinions od street vendors around the NSCR station and to analyze the impact of the TOD surrounding the NSCR stationVendor Man.