Bataraza Integrated Survey System (BISS)


Nickel Asia Corporation haEnumeration1s contracted and partnered with Breta Consulting in 2015 to establish a census wide baseline data and at the same time evaluate the impact of their Social Development & Management Programs in the Municipality of Bataraza, Palawan. Rio Tuba Mining Nickel Corporation (RMNC) together with Coral Bay Nickel Corporation (CBNC), has been implementing  these programs in 11 impact area barangays and they would like to enhance and expand these programs to include non-impact barangays in Bataraza through micro-targeting of services and initiatives.
RTMNC and CBNC will strategically implement poverty reduction programs that are suBatarazastainable and long-term including disaster preparedness and mitigation programs using the evidence-based data from the census survey results. FGD sessions were conducted to identify baseline data for both impact and not-impact areas.
The ISS database can generate master lists based on household demographics, human capital including specific skills sets that can qualify them for employment and disaster preparedness, and potential recipients of much needed social services.