Transaction Tracking System


The Transaction Tracking System (TTS) was implemented in the local government of Taguig City in 2011 as a business process reform of the Local Chief Executive.
The TTS integrates the regulatory and business processes of the Local Building Office, City Assessors Office, City Planning and Development Office, Business Permits and Licensing Office, Bureau of Fire Protection and the City Treasurer’s Office.
The TTS in Local Government of Taguig City:
1) TTS tracks and monitors the movement of all permits and transactions based on committed turn-around time of each department/office including the Mayor’s Office; and
2)  Generates a performance report of all on-time and delayed transaction per department, per position and per employee.
As a result of this business reform, Taguig City has been recognized by no less than the World Bank as one of the best places in the country to do business in. In its most recent Ease of Doing Business study in 2011, Taguig ranked first amongst the cities in Metro Manila to have the easiest and least number of processes of putting up a business. In the same study, Taguig again ranked first in Metro Manila when it comes to dealing with construction permits.
All stations and personnel are registered / enrolled to track the actual location of the transaction
Actual location of the transaction in the process flow can be tracked and viewed



Turn around time for each transaction is embedded and viewable