Private Clinic Information System


“Innovating medical records for
better health care”

Electronic medical records seem to be the current trend in health care. The pace is picking up in the movement of public and private hospitals and practitioners toward automated tracking of health records, medications and patient care.
What is  PCIS?
A compilation of electronic record about a patient’s medical health condition and dochospital/clinic administration. It is filed systematically in a database wherein user is given access to update and retrieve data upon demand.
nursePCIS is a user friendly system. The development of the software was based on actual requirement of hospitals and medical practitioners and was designed following a logical sequence to ensure easy access to patient’s data and generate over-all patient and administrative reports.
PCIS helps increase the efficiency and outcome of patient care.  It builds-up the quality of service, time saver, growth in efficiency and productivity, paperless and space saver.
PCIS has the ability to monitor patient’s risk profile. The different modules of the system are linked to each other and by using the patient’s unique identifier will give the user an over-all outlook on the patient status pertaining to the specific module that the patient has gone through from registration to billing.
PCIS has adapted WHO, DOH and Philhealth standards in designing some of its modules.

pcis module