Health Center Management Information System


2-Midwife Getting the Patient's Information

The Health Center Management Information System (HCMIS) is the comprehensive solution to health center operations that integrates them in a coherent and automated system. The HCMIS provides the vertical mechanism for reportage and monitoring of national government health programs through the Department of Health but more importantly the horizontal mechanism that will enable the health center personnel to deliver services efficiently and effectively.
The core processes and services in the health center are managed through the HCMIS which include the following modules:
1)  Patient Registration
2)  Vital Signs
3)  SOAP(Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan)
4)  Patient Records
5)  NCD RAF Records
6)  Immunization
7)  Animal Bites
8)  Inventory / Supply
9)  Prenatal / Post-partum Record
10)  Family Planning Record
11)  Dental Record
12)  Tuberculosis Record
13)  Laboratory
14)  Ating Dibdibin (Breast Cancer Awareness)
15)  IMCI (Integrated Management of Childhood Illness)
16)  Morbidity
17)  Child Care
18)  Report Generation
3-Nurse Dispensing MedicinesThe HCMIS also provides the hard and soft infrastructure to enable each local health center personnel to:
1) Manage patients and families by understanding the patient information upon demand;
2) Manage the resources provided by the local government to each health center ensuring all medical supplies and materials are accounted for including medicines dispensed to each patient
3) Manage the health center data based on DOH health programs that will allow for tracking, monitoring and evaluating based on DOH program standards;
4) Generate data upon demand based on all HCMIS modules including performance attendance of health center personnel;
5) Evaluate and project patient load vis-à-vis medical supplies/material and health center personnel requirement as basis for pro-active procurement and personnel staffing.